Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young Display Couple Vibes in New Poster for Romance is a Bonus Book


K-actor Lee Jong Seok has stated in an interview that Lee Na Young is his ideal costar and that dream to act with her is coming true with their upcoming tvN drama Romance is a Bonus Book (Romance Supplement). I didn’t think they would look good together and yet all the promos show them with a couple face, i.e. they actually kinda look alike in the way that Asians think means a couple is very compatible. He stills looks younger than her but not by much and also isn’t visually distracting, so that leaves whether the story about a genius book editor/publisher and a second-chance writer can draw the viewers in. The setting in the book publishing industry has plenty of fan service for bibliophiles like me so I’m looking forward to continuing that vibe which is also one reason I’m so enchanted by Encounter with it’s poetry integration.