Lee Jong Seok and Lee Na Young Put on their Rom-com Hats as tvN Romance is a Bonus Book Premieres this Weekend


When I watched the long 5-minute preview for tvN Sat-Sun drama Romance is a Bonus Book (Romance Supplement), I got a weird sense of deja vu that I’ve seen this all before. It’s a bit like male lead Lee Jong Seok encountered in his last drama While You Were Sleeping, trying to place all the where did I see it elements. I think it’s a combination of Lee Jong Seok playing a character, here a publishing house editor, with personality traits and or behaviors that I’ve seen too many times in his previous roles, couple with the general story elements that seem cribbed from this drama screenwriter’s previous works especially the I Need Romance series with the capable but not successful female lead finding love as her career gets a resurgence. with that said, I love Kim Tae Woo being weird and the random oddball scenes that throw a quirky vibe in to make it feel possibly fresh. The drama premieres this Saturday taking over from Memories of Alhambra.

Romance is a Bonus Book 5-minute teaser: