Lee Jun Ki has a Priestly Face-off with Immortal IU in Episode 3 Hotel Del Luna Cameo


The colors, the visuals, the chemistry, everything is daebak with top star Lee Jun Ki‘s cameo appearance in his good friend and former costar IU‘s new drama Hotel Del Luna. I love these types of cameos, like the perfect bon bon with a one bite burst of onscreen squee. Lee Jun Ki plays a priest and one is definitely needed at Hotel Del Luna, from the perspective of a human of course since it’s a hotel catering to ghosts. I already feel such warmth for the hotel staff each with their own backstories, and for the ghosts needing final closure before moving on to the great beyond. Lee Jun Ki as a priest is also giving Kim Jae Wook a run for his money in horror drama The Guest, I love both guys equally and maybe next them they can team up in The Guest 2 to go look for Kim Dong Wook‘s character.