Lee Jun Ki to Make Cameo in Episode 3 of Hotel Del Luna to Support Good Friend IU


I’m not a fan of Hotel Del Luna male lead Yeo Jun Gu but find him really appropriately cast in his role. The righteous indignation mixed with clueless self-absorption is nicely brought to life, and the fact that he’s younger than female lead IU works in the drama context because her character has got hundreds if not thousands of years on him. Sadly one of my highly anticipated drama pairings of Lee Jun Ki and IU in Moon Lovers was the opposite, conceptually great but the drama just didn’t make the most of them together, and at times they felt mismatched. That’s a bummer but the two developed a friendship working together and since then Lee Jun Ki has supported IU at concerts and and even doing Knowing Brothers with her last year. Now he’s got a cameo coming up in this Saturday’s episode 3 of Hotel Del Luna to support IU, and will also feature a reunion with the Hong Sisters after they cast him in his first drama role in My Girl. Wow, that was 14 years ago in 2005.