Lee Min Ho Looks Different From Various Angles at Incheon Airport


There’s a modern Chinese saying “zero dead angles” that refers to a star who looks fabulous photographed or filmed from any angle. This is totally a thing because one hears about superstars dictating that photo shoots must only be snapped from a particular angle or flattering side. I think it’s rare to be a star that has zero dead angles, everybody has a less ideal side but with K-stars Lee Min Ho it’s rather polarizing. His fans love him and think that he looks great all the time, any time, and from any angle or shot. His detractors pick on his less flattering shots and call him unattractive, to which I say buh?

Lee Min Ho is objectively a very very handsome man, period, hard stop. He may not be the most handsome among the top echelon of insanely good looking male stars but that’s like saying a I-color diamond is ugly compared to a E-colored diamond when one just needs to say one is slightly better than the other. Anyhoo, this gets me to the media pictures of Lee Min Ho leaving Incheon this week heading to Paris for a fashion show. Some shows are hella handsome but others are just wahhhhhh not so good. Glad Minho-shhi is human too heh.