Lee Sang-yeob, Park Ha-sun courted for ‘Afternoon Love Affairs’


Lee Sang-yeob and Park Ha-sun have been offered lead roles in Channel A’s Afternoon Love Affairs.

A remake of the 2014 Japanese drama Hirugao: Love Affairs In The Afternoon, Afternoon Love Affairs tells the tantalizing story of a woman who has an extra-marital affair during the afternoons, while her husband is away at work. People involved in these illicit relationships end up suffering greatly. The original drama was praised for tackling a sensitive story and depicting both the sensuous as well as psychological aspects of the story with nuance.

Park Ha-sun has been offered the role of Son Ji-eun, a quiet woman who relocates to a small town due to her husband’s job as a civil servant and begins working part-time at a mart. She’s an average woman with a small stature and modest appearance, who soon becomes bored with the repetitive life of a small town.

Meanwhile, Lee Sang-yeob is considering playing Yoon Jeong-woo, a biology teacher at an alternative school in the town Ji-eun moves to. He is a Peter Pan-like character, who looks at the world with curious eyes and loves nature and animals. Jeong-woo and Ji-eun meet unexpectedly during a difficult time and begin a forbidden relationship.

Park was last seen in Drinking Solo in 2016, following which she got married. Lee Sang-yeob has appeared in popular dramas like While You Were Sleeping (2017) and Listen to Love (2016). He will be showcasing completely different charms compared to his last role in Top Star Yoo Baek. If they accept, the two actors are expected to combine their unique acting sensibilities for this drama.

Afternoon Love Affairs is being penned by writer Yoo So-jung. Kim Jung-min, whose past projects include OCN’s Squad 38 (2016) and tvN’s Hidden Identity (2015), will be directing it. The series is expected to air in the first half of 2019.

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