Lee Se-young, Ji Sung in talks to headline medical drama ‘Doctor Room’


Lee Se-young and Ji Sung might work together in a medical drama called Doctor Room, which revolves around doctors that specialize in pain management.

Doctor Room will tell the story of doctors searching for the cause of their patients’ pain and deal with the practice of euthanasia, a controversial topic in the medical field.

Prain TPC, Lee Se-young’s agency, announced on March 11 that she has been courted to play the female lead role in the drama. If the actress accepts the offer, she will play Kang Si-young, a talented and kind anesthesiologist who has always been on top of her class.

Ji Sung is also in talks to headline the series opposite Lee. If he signs up for the series, he will take on the role of Cha Yo-han, another genius anesthesiologist. He is the youngest professor at a medical school, where his students and colleagues call him “10 seconds,” as he is able to diagnose his patients in 10 seconds.

Lee Se-young recently starred in historical drama The Crowned Clown while Ji Sung was last seen in fantasy romance Familiar Wife. The actress has never starred in a mainstream medical series before. On the other hand, the actor last took on the role of a doctor in 2007 through New Heart.

A medical drama is common in the Korean drama industry, but one with a story about anesthesiologists—just like Doctor Room—is a relatively fresh concept since most medical series in recent years focused on surgeons.

Doctor Room will be directed by Jo Soo-won of Thirty But Seventeen, Pinocchio, and I Hear Your Voice. The screenplay, meanwhile, will be penned by Kim Ji-woon of Hyde Jekyll, Me and Cheongdamdong Alice. The series is scheduled to premiere in July on SBS.

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