Lee Seon Kyun and Jung Ryeo Won Pair Up for jTBC Legal Drama Prosecutor Civil War


Both Lee Seon Kyun and Jung Ryeo Won have been a roll with their respective well-received dramas so it’s super awesome to hear they are working together on the next one. The two are in talks for jTBC legal drama Prosecutor Civil War, and despite the action title it’s actually a slice-of-life drama about the ordinary prosecutors handling the daily load of cases from the police rather than the high profile rich chaebol and powerful corporation cases. Lee Seon Kyun is coming off a professional high with his lauded performance in My Ahjusshi and similarly Jung Ryeo Won got tons of praise playing a lawyer in her drama Witch at Court. This drama sounds right up their alley and I trust them to deliver grounded and nuanced performances to create a compelling story without a lot of spotlight legal cases.