Lee Yoo-young, Kim Min-jung in control of Choi Si-won in posters for ‘My Fellow Citizens’


On March 21, KBS2’s My Fellow Citizens dropped two new posters featuring its three leads: Choi Si-won, Lee Yoo-young, and Kim Min-jung.

The first poster features the show’s lead couple, Choi Si-won (Revolutionary Love) and Lee Yoo-young (Your Honor). Lee has Choi trapped in a headlock with one arm, while her other arm is handcuffed to his hand. The caption running across the poster, “It’s not fraud… it’s love!” sounds funnier in Korean because the words for fraud and love begin with the same letter.

The poster makes more sense in the light of Lee and Choi’s characters in the show as a detective and a conman, respectively. They fall in love and get married while hiding their true identities from each other; hence their funny facial expressions and the caption.

The second poster features Kim Min-jung (Mr. Sunshine) and Choi. Kim has a gun pointed at him, who surrenders to her while giving a surprised look. In the drama, Kim takes on the role of Park Hoo-ja, the daughter of a loan shark whom Choi conned in the past. She has inherited her father’s business and blackmails him into running for the national assembly. The caption over the poster reads, “Do you want to fight or die?”

My Fellow Citizens Poster 3

Previously, the show released a poster featuring the same actors, with Choi in the forefront and Lee and Kim to his side. Choi has the expression of a typical swindler, while Lee and Kim hold him in place with handcuffs and a gun, respectively. His thought bubble reads, “A jackpot for the world’s sake,” possibly implying his character’s motivations in the show.

My Fellow Citizens Poster 1

My Fellow Citizens is expected to be an entertaining combination of a political drama and a rom-com. It will premiere on April Fool’s Day.

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