Legal Battle Between Jeon HyoSung & TS Entertainment Finally Over

jeon hyosung

It’s been a long and grueling fight for both sides but the legal dispute between Jeon HyoSung and TS Entertainment is finally over as recent news reports stated that TS Entertainment would not be filing for an appeal when the court sided in favor of the K-Pop celebrity.

Back in November 2018, TS Entertainment expressed intentions to file for an appeal after being ordered by the court to pay unpaid contractual fees to Jeon HyoSung, which was roughly around $115,000.

Both sides have not taken any steps to continue their legal dispute, and the matter has been resolved since August 12th.

Jeon HyoSung has thanked her fans for the support during these testing times and has promised to repay them with future promotions and activities.

Stay tuned for updates!