‘Legal High’ gets modest, promising viewership for pilot episode


It looks like Legal High is off to a good start!

The new JTBC drama has surpassed the pilot episode rating of its predecessor, Sky Castle. Its first episode, which was aired on February 8, recorded a rating of 3.3% nationwide and 3.7% in the Seoul metropolitan area, according to Nielsen Korea. These numbers—modest but promising—are higher than Sky Castle’s 1.7% nationwide and 2.9% Seoul rating, respectively. 

This development sets a good tone for Legal High, as it is preceded a series which peaked at 23.8% nationwide, becoming the highest-rated Korean drama in cable TV history. It is also important for the drama to succeed since viewers are expected to compare it with the original Japanese version on which it is based. Jin Goo, the lead actor of the series, saw this as a challenge and had “put everything on the line” to portray his character.

Legal High’s first episode opens with a scene of an old man in prison who tells another prisoner that there exists an exceptional lawyer who has never lost on his case and whom he must pay large amount of money if he wants the lawyer’s legal service and representation in court. That description matches with the character of the male protagonist, played by Jin Goo, a lawyer with a case success rate of 100%. Playing opposite Jin Goo is Seo Eun-soo, who portrays a novice and righteous lawyer whose faith in the rule of law is untainted. They have opposing views when it comes to their job but they end up working together in solving cases.

Legal High will air its second episode on February 9 at 11 p.m. KST on JTBC and will continue to be broadcast every Friday and Saturday for 16 episodes.

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