Legendary Rock Musician Yoshiki Of X-Japan Donates To Sokcho Wildfire Victims

yoshiki, yoshiki hayashi

If you know anything about music, you’d most definitely know Yoshiki of X-Japan. 

For those who may be unfamiliar with Yoshiki Hayashi, we seriously hope there isn’t anyone who has never heard of him, he is a rock musician responsible for creating the legendary Japanese rock band X-Japan, composing and arranging the majority of the band’s music.

According to reports from South Korean news agency Insight, Yoshiki has donated approximately $90,000 to ChildFund Korea.

What is admirable about Yoshiki, besides his incomparable musical abilities, is that he extended his heart, sympathy, and generosity to South Korea in times of trouble and despair despite being Japanese, something that most people would agree and say that it is a difficult sight to see given the rocky historical relations between South Korea and Japan.

While it may take a lot more for South Korea and Japan to resolve their historical conflict, Yoshiki’s recent action should be acknowledged, for taking steps that Japan should take to repent of their previous war crimes committed against South Korea.

We pray that the victims of the Sokcho wildfire will soon be in comfort and peace once again as they find the strength to rebuild their lives after a tragic and unfortunate loss.