LM Entertainment Now Say They Want To Work With Kang Daniel But Here’s The Hilarious Blunt Response His Lawyer Gave

kang daniel

After losing a court case against former Wanna One member Kang Daniel, it seems that LM Entertainment now wants to help him rather than fight him.

LM Entertainment recently stated:

“Kang Daniel is free to promote himself in the entertainment scene without any disturbance but it is worth mentioning that our reputation has been tarnished.

It is a widespread belief that we sold Kang Daniel’s contractual rights, however, a joint venture agreement with MMO Entertainment is in no way a transfer of rights. If you examine the documents, it is similar to that of an investment contract.

We are open to working with KONNECT Entertainment.”

However, Kang Daniel’s lawyer gave a hilariously blunt response to LM Entertainment’s gesture of reaching out all of a sudden.

“The trust between LM and Kang Daniel is already broken. He has no intentions of holding on to his old contract, which is why he set up his own agency. LM reaching out is merely a one-sided suggestion.”

Well, we guess that’s a straight no.

Maybe next time!