LM Entertainment Won’t Be Backing Down So Easily From Legal Battle With Kang Daniel & Claims There’s New Evidence

kang daniel

While we initially thought that the legal battle between Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment was put to an end after the court ruled in favor of the former, it seems that the agency isn’t just about ready to step down yet.

Just recently, LM Entertainment’s legal representatives came forth with a new statement claiming that they have new evidence to submit in an effort to change the court’s decision.

According to various reports, LM Entertainment did not submit this particular evidence due to the sensitive nature of its contents, but it seems that they have changed their minds as they not clearly are going for an appeal.

In addition, LM Entertainment continues to maintain their stance on claiming that they never violated any terms of their contract with Kang Daniel.

The whole legal battle started when Kang Daniel’s side claimed that LM abused their trust by in their words, “selling” his rights to MMO Entertainment. LM Entertainment has stated that it was “selling” but forming a partnership with MMO.

The court ruled in favor of Kang Daniel but things might potentially change depending on what evidence LM Entertainment submits in their appeal.

Stay tuned for updates!