M.O.N.T Celebrates 74th National Liberation Day of Korea With Original Song, “대한민국만세”(Daehan Minguk Mansae)


To support Korea with the on-going political dispute between Japan, K-Pop boy group, M.O.N.T  (Roda , Bitsaeon , Narachan) pre-revealed via YouTube, an original composition piece called “대한민국만세(Daehan Minguk Mansae)” on Aug. 13th, and for the first time in K-Pop history, the group shot its music video in ‘Dokdo’ Island.

FM Entertainment

The song, “대한민국만세(Daehan Minguk Mansae)” – can be translated as “Long Live Korea!” – was written to remember the indomitable spirit of Korean people’s longing for liberation during the Japanese colonial era(1910 – 1945) and celebrate the 74th anniversary of liberation. This patriotic song is composed of grand, determined sound and an addictive melody that has hooked the listeners’ ears right away.

The lyrics, “Firing up spirits of Fellow allies, Resisting with all strength and skill to overcome, I will never lose again! I must overcome this!” delivering a strong message to the listeners that they are determined and committed to overcome and win over the conflict.

The music video which was shot in the far east island of Korea called ‘Dokdo’, is also talk of the town as it has never been done before by any K-Pop idol. The music video is filmed partly in black and white and the viewers can see the members are suited up, standing firm on the island holding the Korean flag.

FM Entertainment

3 member group, M.O.N.T have appeared in MIXNINE back in 2017 and was known for being an ‘Organic Idol’. The group first debuted in January 2019 with “사귈래 말래?(Will you be my girlfriend?)”, continuously being loved by fans from over 41 countries.

M.O.N.T’s original song “대한민국만세(Daehan Minguk Mansae)” is officially released on August 14th, 2019 at noon.