Male Stars Who Hinted They Were Interested In Red Velvet SeulGi

red velvet seulgi


Red Velvet’s SeulGi truly is loved and admired by everyone. She has captivated the hearts of millions of fans across the world and also from her peers alike.

And she definitely stands out as she is one of the rare female idols without double eyelids in SM Entertainment.

In the past, a few notable male stars have shown their interest in SeulGi. You can check them out below!


JooHoney (MONSTA X)

Guess who JooHoney picked as the female idol he wants to be close with? A fan left a post-it written with the options of Lovelyz, Oh My Girls, Red Velvet, and etc. He checked Red Velvet and it also seems that he wrote SeulGi’s name down specifically beside it as well.

Male Stars Who Hinted They Were Interested In Red Velvet SeulGi




AOMG producer and artist Gray apparently often retold his story of appearing on the same talk with SeulGi to his label mates. Well, that’s what his label mates have said any way.


EunKwang (BTOB)

When asked about which female idol he thought was the prettiest, he didn’t hesitate to name SeulGi as his choice.


KyuHyun (Super Junior)

KyuHyun once stated that he wasn’t too attracted to famous female idols or celebrities. And of course, SeulGi was a trainee at SM Entertainment at the time.

And there were even rumors that there was some sort of connection between the two at the time.

Of course, KyuHyun couldn’t help but admit that he thought very highly of her. And eventually, he turned red and stated that all he wanted for her was to debut well.