Malicious Rumors Of Park BoGum Being The Reason For Song HyeKyo & Song JoongKi Divorce Continues To Spread

song hyekyo, song joongki, park bogum

News of South Korean actor Song JoongKi and actress Song HyeKyo‘s marriage falling apart has been one of the most talked about issues in K-Pop at the moment.

But it seems that there has also been collateral damage, as even actor Park BoGum has somehow been dragged into the recent unfortunate news.

Rumors that Song HyeKyo cheated on Song JongKi with Park BoGum has been spreading online like wildfire, and it seems that Park BoGum’s agency has had just about enough of the nonsense.

Blossom Entertainment released an official statement denying the rumors while expressing their full intentions on taking legal action against anyone who spreads malicious rumors against Park BoGum being involved in Song HyeKyo and Song JoongKi getting a divorce.

It seems that the rumors most likely stemmed from the fact that both Park BoGum and Song HyeKyo played the lead roles in the drama ‘Encounter’.