MAMAMOO’s HwaSa Receives Compliments For Her Change In Makeup

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MAMAMOO Official Twitter

On Jan. 8, MAMAMOO ‘s HwaSa had attended “9th Gaon Chart Music Awards 2019” and her appearance was rather different from before!

Many would notice that HwaSa usually appears with thicker makeup that emphasizes her eyes and facial features which gives her a strong and girl crush vibe. However, during the award ceremony, her new makeup style had actually become a hot topic online.

She had lesser makeup especially on her eyes and eyebrows, allowing her to look softer and elegant! Photos were uploaded later on MAMAMOO’s official Twitter account and you can take a look below.

Those who had seen the new look of HwaSa could not help but talked about how pretty she looked!

MAMAMOO’s HwaSa Receives Compliments For Her Change In Makeup


Some felt that she looked more pretty when she has lesser make up on. They also felt that HwaSa is really beautiful with the new look.

HwaSa was also awarded with “Artist of The Year (Digital Music Monthly)” for the month of February.


Do you like the new makeup style of HwaSa?