Man Who Threatened To Murder Actor Wang SukHyun Sentenced To 10 Months In Prison

kim sanggyo

The man responsible for defamation against actor Wang SukHyun, along with death threats, has recently been sentenced to ten months in prison.

During the course of the trial the man claimed to have been suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, which the court ultimately did not accept as a case of insanity.

After it was revealed that the defendant possessed an IQ of 105 while also having completed a two-year college course for the purposes of obtaining a job, the fact that he received treatment for Asperger’s syndrome back in his high school years alone was not enough for him to be deemed as insane.

The defendant also gave a statement saying:

“I first got to know who Wang SukHyun was through the drama ‘Can’t Live Without You’. I wanted to be his friend, so I went to his school and got his phone number. He betrayed me afterwards and I searched him up online and threatened to kill him. I am taking time to reflect upon my actions. I apologize. I was wrong for doing such a thing.”