MBC Looks Into Various Ways To Record “ISAC 2020” Chuseok | Kpopmap



If you have been a long time K-Pop fan, you would notice that every year during Seollal (New Year) and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving), K-Pop idols will gather and compete in various sports on MBC “Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC)”.

However due to COVID-19, it was reported that MBC is now currently looking into various method to carry out the filming. It was also said that the filming would most probably be conducted without any audience.

For those who could recall, through “ISAC”, many K-Pop idols were able to show off their athletic sides through various sports. Some of the sports which the idols had competed in previously include track and field, archery, wrestling, penalty kick, pitching, e-sports and horse riding.

With the news released, many K-Pop fans are mentioning to just cancel the filming since many K-Pop idols will be exposed to potential injury due to the competitions.

What do you think about it?