MBC Supernatural Investigation Drama Item Releases Thrilling and Tense Teaser


I was late to the blockbuster two-part fantasy movie Along With the Gods, binging both part 1 and 2 last week so now I’m on a Joo Ji Hoon kick. He held his own opposite his A-list top male leads and now I’m keen to see if he can kick start life back into the prime time ratings for MBC with supernatural thriller drama Item premiering in early February on Mon-Tues after Less Than Evil. I would check out the drama just for him but the teaser has me genuinely hopeful this drama is legit good and will get decent ratings. Joo Ji Hoon as the courageous male lead and his foil in the shivery evil Kim Kang Woo, and even Jin Se Yeon as the earnest female lead shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Teaser for Item: