Melon To Provide Alternative To Real-Time Song Chart | Kpopmap



Melon’s real time song chart has been a topic of controversy and debate among South Korean netizens and even K-Pop fans in recent times more than ever.

Some of the criticisms that have been brought up before in the past is how the charts are always filled with music of idol groups with a massive global fanbase, resulting in a system where the lesser known artists aren’t given a fair shot at competing.

Some fans have even stated that the charts are now almost meaningless and it’s all about how hard fans are streaming for the sake of pushing their idol groups to the top of the charts rather than a reflection of which songs are popular among the general public.

This taxing competition is apparently coming to an end as Melon will soon be pulling the plug on its real-time song chart. At the moment, the exact date of when it will happen hasn’t been confirmed yet, but is likely to happen in the early half of this year.

What kind of changes can users expect?

An alternative popularity chart will be provided, one that will not be basing the ranks of a song on the number of times it has been streamed or downloaded.

Charts will now be calculated based on the number of unique users in the past twenty-four hours.In addition, the “play all” feature of the top 100 songs will now play with them all being shuffled as default.

The move aims to put less emphasis on competition and more on music listeners being able to discover new trending music.

Stay tuned for updates.