Memories of Alhambra Breaks 10% Ratings in Episode 14 as Jin Woo Completes Mission and Se Joo Returns


Memories of Alhambra feels like a drama within a drama, or perhaps a game within a game. With two more episodes left, I’m enjoying it still but can’t get immersed in the opposite way Jin Woo is fully immersed in the AR game that’s take over his drama real life. There is so much PPL for Subway and even shopping in Myeongdong without any further emotional grist the end result turns superficially satisfying like playing a video game. Episode 14 solved one major problem and got rewarded with ratings going up to 10.025%, cementing this as a hit for leads Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye but probably without legs for rewatching and longevity.

Jin Woo got the magical key to NPC Emma and presumably solved the quest and freed Se Joo who returned home at episodes end. But the douchey Professor still refuses to call off the police investigation and Jin Woo’s even douchier second ex-wife Yoo Ra ups her lies to say Jin Woo confessed to murdering Hyung Seok. The final two episodes appear nicely staged for solving that conundrum and tying up loose ends, and as much as I like Jin Woo having a decent caring woman like Hee Joo in his life going forward those two sadly continue to have as much spark as watching step-siblings act out a pretend relationship.