Memories of Alhambra Ends with No Good Answers and No Satisfied Viewers


Memories of Alhambra ended this Sunday in an avalanche of “IT SUCKED DONKEY BALLS” reaction from viewers and for once it was 100% justified. I wanted my final post to pay respects to both leads Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye because the narrative and characeterization lapses were not their doing, and while Hyun Bin went above and beyond in his acting Park Shin Hye couldn’t do the same with a wafer thing character that just cried/looked worried/ran after the male lead. I can’t recommend Memories other than to die hard Binnie fans who want a drama to fangirl over his hotness and incredible onscreen chemistry. Beyond there NOTHING MADE SENSE even within the fantasy construct. In the end Jin Woo either died as a bug within the game that needed to be eliminated for reboot, or entered the game completely as Se Joo did to hide from the danger. Hee Joo ended the entire drama crying for Jin Woo and then running to find him, basically her entire modus operandi for 16 episodes continuing into the future. Too bad I don’t care anymore and really really am annoyed with the screenwriter for taking on more than she could chew.