Memories of Alhambra Screenwriter Explains Story is Male Lead Centric and Didn’t Have the OTP Romance Until She Shoehorned It In


At this point two major groups of viewers watching Memories of Alhambra are hopping mad at screenwriter Song Jae Jung. That would be female lead Park Shin Hye‘s fans and also the general K-drama fan who wanted to watch a comprehensively well-written story. On the flip side male lead Hyun Bin fans are likely content with his lot in this drama albeit also wishing it weren’t so one-sided because a good drama narrative needs balance to deliver the emotional connection. Turns out Writer Song knows the audience criticism which has increased as the plot progressed and did an interview this week explaining a lot of the noticeable drama flaws  – the story was initially conceived as a male hero journey much like Odysseus, she modeled Jin Woo after Elon Musk, wanted to do a third time-travel drama to make a trilogy of sorts after W: Two Worlds to complement Nine: Nine Times Time Travel and Queen In Hyun’s Man but felt the genre was saturated and got the AR inspiration from Pokemon: Go, and after Hyun Bin Park Shin Hye was cast she added the love line so as to not waste her leads. That’s why the drama is focused on Jin Woo and Hee Joo/Emma are plot devices, and the romance so forced and awkward. Apparently Writer Song apologized to Park Shin Hye already for the lacking in her character.