Microdot’s Parents Arrested On Spot In Airport After Returning To South Korea


Rapper Microdot’s parents, who have been accused of fraud after borrowing money from neighbors and fleeing, recently returned to South Korea from New Zealand, where they were immediately arrested by the police who were waiting for them.

The rapper’s parents reportedly borrowed millions of won from close neighbors back in 1998, but failed to pay them back, causing some of them to live their lives in poverty leading to tragic deaths.

Yonhap News

Microdot’s father stated at the airport:

“We had no choice but to do what we did due to the IMF crisis. We apologize for our actions and will cooperate with police investigations to the fullest.”

Microdot’s parents have been contacting the victims, eight out of fourteen so far, in order to discuss how restitutions will be made.

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