MiRae, Kokoro, & LinLin Leave Cherry Bullet

cherry bullet

FNC Entertainment

K-Pop rookies Cherry Bullet debuted not too long ago and have been one of the many groups to keep an eye out for. However, the group’s agency FNC Entertainment recently made a surprising announcement.

The agency revealed that MiRae, Kokoro, and LinLin have left both the group and the agency. Their exclusive contracts with FNC had been terminated.

FNC Entertainment did not specify the details in regards to why their contracts were canceled.

Fans have been wondering why the three were absent during promotions about a couple months ago, causing suspicions. And it seems that they were on to something.

The agency has also announced that Cherry Bullet will now be re-organized as a seven-member group and will soon release their comeback.

Stay tuned for updates!

Cherry Bullet
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