Mnet Responds To Rigged Votes Accusations For ‘Produce X 101’

produce x 101

Various South Korean news agencies have stated that netizens and viewers of ‘Produce X 101’ continue to suspect that Mnet rigged the votes for the winning finalists.


When news got out that X1 would be holding their very first live streaming session for fans on July 22nd 9 PM KST, some netizens stated that the live stream was an attempt to cover up and draw attention away from the rigged voting accusations.

And to make matters worse, rumors that the final debut lineup would eventually change also began to circulate online.

Mnet has recently responded to the current situation.

According to NATE News, Mnet has responded by saying they have no intentions on releasing any official statement regarding the accusations about rigged votes. Mnet has stated that it would only intensify rumors and cause more unnecessary suspicions. In addition, Mnet has also stated that they had “no reason to rig the votes”.