Moments When Popular Western TV Shows Referenced K-Pop


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K-Pop has become such a huge global phenomenon in recent times that sometimes it’s surreal to see how much Western culture is now making references to it.

Below are K-Pop related moments on popular Western TV shows.


SHINee’s ‘Lucifer’

What song would make a great song to play in the background for an episode of a show called ‘Lucifer’? A song titled ‘Lucifer’ of course. SHINee’s ‘Lucifer’ was played during a scene where Lucifer breaks in to a club.



On an episode of NCIS: New Orleans, a student and Detective Hannah’s conversation is about K-Pop and NCT. Guess who the student’s favorite member is.


BLACKPINK’s ‘Whistle’

‘Whistle’ could be heard on the pilot episode of ‘The Bold Type’.


SISTAR’S ‘Touch My Body’ & HyunA’s ‘Bubble Pop’

Both songs were on ‘The Family Guy’. And what’s hilarious and iconic about this is that he was drinking soju at a Korean restaurant in the scene as well.


PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’

This is how ‘Gangnam Style’ sounds like performed by the cast of GLEE.