MONSTA X Is Ready To Show Their Individual Charms And To Steal Hearts With “MONSTA X’s Puppy Day”


MONSTA X recently announced their new web entertainment show “MONSTA’s X Puppy Day” in collaboration with TWOTUCKGOM -the new characters brand of the group (in collaboration with N.C. SOFT).


If you like dogs and/or MONSTA X, this new show is for you!

MONSTA X Puppy Day, monsta x dogs, monsta x TWOTUCKGOM


The show will premiere on July 8, 7 PM KST. It is every Monday and Tuesday on TWOTUCKGOM Youtube with English subtitles.

From April 26, members’ individual teasers and the group’s teaser have been released. If you have yet to watch the group teaser released on July 4, check it below (with English subtitles).

Members will show their own personalities and charms while interacting with the puppies. At this occasion too, fans will be further introduced to the new bear-shaped characters.

Fans are even more impatient to see them on the show after all these adorable and funny teasers.

Are you waiting for the show?