Moon Geun Young Considering Drama Return with tvN Investigative Romance Catch the Ghost


I knew if I was patient I’d hear good news this year what with it going on 4 years that Moon Geun Young has been on the small screen. She’s in talks for the female lead of the tvN drama Catch the Ghost. Ghost is yuryeong in Korean and her character’s name also happens to be Yu Ryeong so there’s the pun in the title. It’s set in a police investigative work where she plays a newbie cop with a strong sixth sense and needs to use it to find her autistic missing twin sister. The male lead is her police squad captain who is by the books and gets frustrated with the female lead always causing trouble and needing him to clean up, but then grows fond of her strong sense of justice. The drama is from the PD of Rooftop Prince with a script by a rookie screenwriter.