Most Legendary Appearances Of Female Idols On ‘Running Man’

twice nayeon


Some idols just have the ability to make even non-fans bewildered in fascination with their presence.

South Korean TV show ‘Running Man’, which is watched and loved by basically the entire nation, has had some very special guest appearances featuring highly popular female K-Pop idols in the past.

And what made things even more fun was how some of them were quite comical and down to earth in comparison to their usual chic and celebrity-like selves.

All of them are, of course, K-Pop’s most iconic female idols as well.

You can check them out below!


Bae Suzy

No list of legendary female idol appearances on TV shows would be complete without Suzy. This was back in 2012, but the GIF remains quite popular on the internet even today.


NaYeon (TWICE)

We all know just how much South Koreans go crazy for aegyo, or a moment of cuteness. Imagine what happened when NaYeon did this.


TaeYeon (Girls’ Generation)

Someone get her out of the mud!


SeolHyun (AOA)

SeolHyun has often graced ‘Running Man’ cast members with her frequent appearances. This moment literally broke the internet.


YoonA (Girls’ Generation)

We’re quite certain every girl out there who graduated high school bought uniforms again after seeing just how pretty YoonA is in one.



One of the nation’s most loved K-Pop artist performed her then latest single ‘You & I’ during the show.


Irene (Red Velvet)

Even the goddess can sometimes be goofy at times. And this moment literally shows just how much.



We all now know just how much Jennie hates going inside haunted houses.