Must Listen To K-Pop Tracks Of July 2020 Week 1: Golden Child, weeekly, & More | Kpopmap



The last couple weeks of June and the transition in to July this year has had some amazing K-Pop comebacks.

From the releases that we’ve heard so far, there are a few select K-Pop tracks we’d like to put in the spotlight.

First up is Golden Child’s ‘ONE(Lucid Dream)’. Already building themselves quite a reputation recently after having been active on ‘Road to Kingdom’, the domestic K-Pop scene is finally starting to pay more attention to this promising young group.

‘ONE (Lucid Dream)’ is everything K-Pop music listeners look for. An infectious and addictive drum beat that smacks the living daylights out of you, heavy distorted yet groovy bass lines, and beautifully harmonized vocals. The boys outdid themselves this time as they beat their personal record, showing how much they are growing as K-Pop artists.

Their mini-album, ‘Take A Leap’ sold 26,961 copies in the first week. Comparing to how their previous release, ‘WITHOUT YOU’, selling 9,789 copies in the first week, they went from a four figure to a five figure number this time around. And not to mention, ‘MIRACLE’, which sold an impressive 26,848 copies in its first week was initially the record, except this time, they managed to sell approximately a hundred more copies.

‘ONE (Lucid Dream)’ is pretty much the mid-tempo complextro K-Pop song that will have everyone’s mood set for this year’s summer.


Next up is PlayM Entertainment’s rookie girl group weeekly. If you’ve been looking for that classic K-Pop girl group sound ranging in the 140 bpm area with a cute concept, you’ve found your jam this year. The song does an excellent job of bringing back that sound we’ve heard from Tony Basil’s ‘Hey Mickey’ and TWICE’s ‘Cheer Up’.

Why everyone’s interested in weeekly at the moment is also because of the fact that they are the younger sister girl group of Apink.

And for rookies in the scene, they have made the perfect entry by singing about not copying anyone and just being themselves. That character in the drama that you’re watching you wish you could be more like? Really nice, but weeekly is telling you that you’ve got nothing to be envious about.


And of course, one can’t ever leave BLACKPINK’s latest songs out.

‘How You Like That’ is everything that fans and K-Pop music listeners have been waiting for in anticipation. In fact, if BLACKPINK songs don’t exceed the expectations for some people, they still most definitely deliver a whopping signature eargasm that can only be produced by YG Entertainment’s signature sounds infusing the latest trend and their trademark swag.

One particular thing about this song that we like is how it manages to keep your body grooving to the rhythm from the beginning to the end, cleverly utilizing the tempo and BPM. Going halftime, it is an infectious trap song that naturally makes anyone want to twerk or jump around. And then, it transitions smoothly into a four on the floor dance beat that low key reminds you of their other smash single ‘Boombayah’.

‘How You Like That’ is not only important for BLINKs but also YG Entertainment as well. With BIGBANG’s comeback still unknown when it will happen exactly, YG Entertainment seems to be less active than they used to be in their prime years.

In addition, BLINKs have been waiting for a comeback for quite some time now, and it’s probably best that the agency didn’t test the fandom’s patience any longer than they already have.

The highly popular girl group’s recent comeback also paves way for an album, which is set to be released this year in September. Oh, and it’s not just any album. It’s, finally, a full-length studio album!

The aesthetics for the MV was also another amazing element as well, as always.


And last but definitely not least, is VERIVERY’s ‘Thunder’.

The MV for ‘Thunder’ shows just how adorable yet sexy the boys of VERIVERY are, as it revolves around a mystery plot that the boys attempt to figure out. An odd of energy coming from somewhere…

But where exactly?

The MV even may slightly remind you of the vibes from Netflix’s hit series ‘Stranger Things’. Once you watch the MV, you’ll most likely be asking just why VERIVERY isn’t getting more recognition.

The release of ‘Thunder’ was announced pretty much right after ‘Road to Kingdom’ came to an end. There has been quite a lot of noise among domestic K-Pop fans as they’ve stated VERIVERY did very well despite coming in fifth place.

In short, forget about what the results were for ‘Road to Kingdom’, and watch ‘Thunder’ to see what the boys are truly capable of delivering.