Mysterious Code On DREAMCATCHER’s Instagram Suggests Possible Comeback


DREAMCATCHER has unveiled a new set of mysterious code!

Previously on Sept. 2, they had uploaded a photo on their official social media. In the photos, fans are able to see how there seemed to be a mysterious code that cannot be identified. This suggests a possible comeback that is right at the corner!


Among fans, this is not the first time that they have revealed a mysterious code. After their debut with ‘Chase Me’, they have been hinting to fans with mysterious code in their comebacks and single albums.

Since fans also attempt to crack these mysterious codes, it brought fun and excitement to their supportive fans too. Needless to say, it also provides DREAMCATCHER with a fresh and innovative concept.

This newly unveiled mysterious code is even more exciting than before as it is said to be linked to their previous mini album “The End of Nightmare”.

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DREAMCATCHER Official Twitter

DREAMCATCHER will be embarking on their Europe tour “Invitation From Nightmare City” this coming October.

Do you also think this could be a sign of a comeback?