Nam Da-reum, Kim Hwan-hee in new teasers for JTBC’s ‘Beautiful World’


On March 8, JTBC dropped two video teasers for the upcoming drama, Beautiful World, featuring teen actors Nam Da-reum and Kim Hwan-hee.

The two video teasers have two versions each, with narrations by Nam and Kim as well as Park Hee-soon and Choo Ja-hyun, their parents in the show. In both their teasers, Nam Da-reun and Kim Hwan-hee have their back facing the camera, slowly turning towards it with helpless and pleading eyes. Nam Da-reum’s teasers are narrated by himself and Choo Ja-hyun, while Kim Hwan-hee and Park Hee-soon narrate her teasers. The narration says, “This is a small but powerful red signal to the world. Without knowing right from wrong, youngsters hate on each other. Victims appear everywhere, while attackers go into hiding. Please show us a beautiful world.”

Beautiful World deals with school violence, an issue that is increasingly making headlines in South Korea. Nam Da-reum (Where Stars Land) takes on the role of Park Sun-ho, a boy fighting for his life after becoming a victim of a school violence incident. Kim Hwan-hee (The Miracle We Met) plays Park Soo-ho, his sister who decides to find out the truth about what happened to him.

Meanwhile, Park Hee-soon (The Missing) and Choo Ja-hyun (A Man Called God) are portraying Park Sun-ho’s struggling parents who are trying to get justice for their son.

Beautiful World is helmed by PD Park Chan-hong and writer Kim Ji-woo, the director-writer team behind tvN’s Memory (2016). It is set to premiere next month, on the 5th, following Jin Goo starrer Legal High.

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