Namgoong Min annoys Kim Byung-chul in new stills from ‘Doctor Prisoner’


Namgoong Min is getting on Kim Byung-chul‘s nerves in the newest stills from Doctor Prisoner which were released on March 13.

The medical suspense drama focuses on genius doctor Nah Yi-jae, played by Namgoong Min, who loses his job because of politics and ends up working inside a prison to have connections with big-time criminals as part of his plan to exact revenge from the hospital that ousted him.

In the set of stills below, the characters of Namgoong, Kim Byung-chul, and Choi Won-young meet each other for the first time. Kim plays Seo Min-shik, the head of the prison infirmary where Nah Yi-jae finds another work while Choi plays Lee Jae-joon, a son of a conglomerate. Nah and Seo sit across each other, while Lee occupies the head seat. Seo looks cold and stern while sitting motionless while Nah acts friendly to Lee, even giving the latter a deep, respectful bow. Apparently, Seo is getting irritated by Nah’s mere presence in the room where they seem to be having an important meeting.

Photo Credit: Sports Chosun

According to production staff members, Lee Jae-joon will make a deal between Nah Yi-jae and Seo Min-shik. The stills will be shown in the first episode of the drama which will air on March 20.

The drama also released another set of photos today showing Namgoong Min conducting surgery in the operating room and Kim Byung-chul looking angry. According to reports, Namgoong Min has consulted real surgeons for this kind of scenes.

Namgoong Min and Kim Byung-chul in stills from 'Doctor Prisoner'
Photo Credit: Sports Chosun

The main cast of Doctor Prisoner is composed of Namgoong Min, Kim Byung-chul, Choi Won-young, and Kwon Na-ra. They are featured in the recently released posters promoting the series.

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