Namgoong Min, Kwon Na-ra meet after work in stills from ‘Doctor Prisoner’


KBS released new stills for its upcoming medical suspense drama, Doctor Prisoner, featuring its leads Namgoong Min and Kwon Na-ra.

The new drama centers on Nah Yi-jae, an intelligent surgeon who was stripped of his position at a renowned hospital and ends up working in a health facility in prison. Namgoong Min is playing that role, a brilliant doctor who hopes to get rid of corruption in the medical field. His leading lady, Hello Venus’ Kwon Na-ra, is cast as Han So-geum, a psychiatrist at Taekang University Hospital where Nah Yi-jae used to work.

Photo Credit: Sports Chosun

The top stills released by the production team shows Han So-geum’s encounter with Nah Yi-jae in prison where the two characters are wearing their medical gowns. It shows both doctors meeting each other for the first time since his ouster from Taekang.

Meanwhile, the bottom photo shows the two doctors meeting privately at night, with Namgoong’s character staring at Kwon Na-ra’s in a familiar gaze. Photos of their encounters stir curiosity among viewers.

Doctor Prisoner also stars Kim Byung-chul, Choi Won-young, and Park Eun-seok among other talented cast members. It is penned by scriptwriter Park Kye-ok of Inspiring Generation and helmed by PD Hwang In-hyuk of Laurel Tree Tailors. The show will premiere on KBS as a Wednesday-Thursday prime time series beginning March 20, replacing Liver Or Die.

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