Nana on Jang Ki-yong’s trail in preview for OCN’s ‘Kill It’


On March 15, OCN dropped an exciting preview for its action thriller Kill It starring Nana (The Good Wife) and Jang Ki-yong (Come And Hug Me).

The 30-second teaser begins with a voice-over saying, “A masked man just made another attack, and we lost him.” A man clad in all-black sprints over a cliff, attacking another man who is pointing a gun. Shown in the next cut is the corpse of the man with the gun. A team of detectives, including Nana, and forensics survey the site of the murder. She looks pensive as someone in her team asks, “Do we have a sketch of this killer?” She looks at the camera with a worried expression as the text on the screen introduces her: Do Hyun-jin, a detective hunting down a serial killer.

The scene cuts to Jang Ki-yong chasing a bearded man and putting a gun to his head. The voice-over says, “You don’t look like a newbie. It’s like you’ve been doing this all along.” An unnerving shot of Jang’s scarred back is seen, followed by him in doctor’s robes playing with a cat. A text then describes him: A killer-turned-veterinarian, Kim Soo-hyun. Several clips follow in quick succession: A tattooed man trying to stab someone with a syringe, an assassin aiming at someone in a building, Jang running out of a building that explodes and escaping from the police. The voice-over accompanying these clips says, “If you do not tell us what you know, you can be put to jeopardy.” Another text flashes: A killer becomes a detective’s target. The next scene shows Nana chasing Jang with a gun pointed at him, followed by Jang aiming at a person just as someone shockingly opens his eyes.

This thrilling preview definitely serves to amp up the existing excitement around the drama ahead of its premiere on March 23.

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