Netflix “My First First Love” Season 2 Broadcasting Date Announced

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Fans of the Netflix drama “My First First Love” were all waiting for this!

JiSoo, DIA‘s Jung ChaeYeon, and Jung JinYoung are the main actors of this growth campus romance. It is a drama that tells the story of youth’s first love. The three characters are in search of love, friendship, and dreams. Two university students that have no romantic feelings: a guy friend and a girl friend (female friend), and a close friend of this guy that has romantic feelings for this girl. For more information, teaser, and posters, you can check our cast and summary here.


At the end of the Season 1, viewers were left on a cliffhanger and many were waiting for the announcement of the season 2.

On June 14, Netflix announced that the season 2 will air on July 26! It has been exactly 100 days since the release of Season 1.

Are you excited for this season 2?