Netflix series ‘Kingdom’ teases viewers with new stills from season 2


On March 4, Netflix’s original Korean series Kingdom released the first stills from its second season, featuring its lead actor Ju Ji-hoon and a bunch of zombies.

The first season of Kingdom made waves as it was the first series of its genre—combining historical drama and zombie thriller. It was released by Netflix on January 2019, and up to this date, is being watched by thousands of viewers in the entertainment streaming site. Although the first season only ran for six intense episodes, it gained worldwide recognition since medieval Joseon and zombies were often thought of as an odd combination, but it worked for the show anyway, thanks to the production team composed of talented PD, writer, and actors.

Kingdom centers on a crown prince (played by Ju Ji-hoon) who embarks on a mission to investigate what happened to his father, the King, who was suffering from a mysterious illness. While searching for leads, he discovers a terrifying outbreak of zombies and learns that he is being accused of treason.

The photo above shows the crown prince’s back, as he is about to draw his sword and seems ready to attack his enemies. (SPOILER ALERT!) Meanwhile, the second still shows a crowd of zombies looking up the sun as if they are no longer afraid of heat. In the first season, it was thought that the zombies are afraid of the sun and attacks only at night.

In an interview, Ju Ji-hoon stated that “nobody is safe” in Kingdom 2—indirectly stating that not even his political enemies, led by Ryu Seung-ryong’s character, are safe from the zombies.

Kingdom 2 is set to premiere in the latter part of 2019.

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