New CCTV Footages Of Burning Sun Proves Kim SangGyo Is Innocent


Club Burning Sun victim Kim SangGyo, who was beaten by staff members of the club and possibly by the police as well has been accused of fabricating stories saying that he was the victim while three females accused him of sexual harassment.

It all started when he first revealed how a woman who was being sexually assaulted ran to him for help inside the club. He also stated that when he attempted to help the woman, the club’s staff members dragged him outside and beat him and the police as well when he was being escorted to the police station.

However, as the scandal escalated, accusations were thrown against him by three women who claimed that it was Kim SangGyo himself who was the perpetrator.

But new CCTV footages that have been released recently has shown that he was indeed telling the truth and that the accusations made against him are false.

The footage below shows Kim SangGyo being attacked by a man, having his hair being grabbed.

The man who grabbed Kim SangGyo by his hair can be seen driving off shortly after the incident outside the club, during when Kim SangGyo was being beaten by the club’s staff members.

In addition, according to a report by JTBC, the man who attacked Kim SangGyo is allegedly a special VIP client and acquaintance of BIGBANG member SeungRi, who often spent nearly $10,000 on tables at the club per visit.

All three women who have accused Kim SangGyo have also been revealed to be connected to Burning Sun. “Anna”, an illegal alien in South Korea who allegedly distributed drugs inside the club and attracted rich customers has recently been summoned by the authorities to cooperate in investigations. Her home has also been searched as well. The two other women, known as Yang Yang and Alice, reportedly have connections to staff members of Burning Sun, including the CEO.

In addition, Kim SangGyo’s mother has also claimed that she has been visited by men who look like gangsters and has been told to reach a settlement soon. And netizens continue to fear for the life of reporter Oh HyukJin, who  has been actively investigating into matters related to the scandal and digging very deep to uncover the truth. Oh has uploaded an Instagram post assuring the nation that no one is going to murder him and stage it as a suicide, as vice chief editor Noh SeungIl, the man who exposed the Choi SoonSil scandal, will be watching over him as he continues searching for more information regarding Burning Sun.

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