New K-Pop Girl Group Survival Program ‘V-1’ To Be Released

kpop v-1

Attention K-Pop fans, a new girl group survival program is currently in the works and will be airing soon this year.

So to give a little bit of info on this upcoming program, it will be airing on tvN and is titled ‘V-1’, What does the ‘V’ stand for? “Vocals” is the answer, and the program will be mainly focusing on the vocal performances of all participants when deciding the winners. The show’s name roughly translates to “number one vocalist”.

The program will be recruiting 50 female K-Pop idols, meaning participants of the program must be an idol that has already debuted.

Director of the program Kwon KwanTae has also stated that the program’s purpose is to choose the female idols with the best vocal performing ability. He has added that there has been too much emphasis on only visuals when it comes to female K-Pop idols and wanted to create a program where winners are chosen based on performance abilities as well.

The exact date for airing has not yet been revealed, but anyone who is interested in watching the program can expect it to air some time in September as the show will air during the South Korean holiday Chuseok.