Noble Idiot Breakup Tears Flow in Teaser Pictures for Episode 15 of Encounter


Call me a masochist but I’m actually looking forward to the impending breakup of the leads in Encounter (Boyfriend). While Soo Hyun has led an emotionally difficult life, Jin Hyun has grown up in love and safety and truly doesn’t comprehend how badly Soo Hyun’s enemies could hurt her and his friends/family. I need them to solve problems first before dating again, namely deal with Woo Seok’s mom and work through the public scrutiny aspect of dating a public figure. It does suck for Soo Hyun to go the noble idiot route after all she’s gone through but I know she’ll be fine until things sort itself out and she can get back together with Jin Hyuk. He looks to be a weepy hot mess but he’s the more sheltered of the two so time to put on your big boy pants Jin Hyuk!