NU’EST Official Light Stick Teaser Released, Announced To Be Coming Soon

nuest lightstick

L.O.Λ.E are excited at the announce of NU’EST light stick.

On Mar. 25, NU’EST light stick teaser was released on the group’s social media. It is announced to be “coming soon”.

Because of the fandom name L.O.Λ.E, the light stick has the shape of a heart. It looks simple and elegant in black and white.

NU’EST Official

Netizens have various reactions to the release, “I like it”, “Wow”, “I am going to buy”, “Happy”, “Simple”, “Pledis, seriously?”, “SEVENTEEN one is so pretty and us? Pledis really…”, “Good”, etc.

Do you like the design?

Do You Like NU’EST Light Stick?