OCN Investigative Horror Drama The Guest Gets Movie Sequel with Same Leads Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook, and Jung Eun Chae


The trio of priest, cop, and taxi-driving shaman is reuniting for the big screen and I have mixed feelings about it. OCN horror drama The Guest was a riveting watch for me last year and one of my favorites from 2018, and it ended with a cliffhanger on one hand with the big bad and a sorta happy ending for the three emotionally traumatized leads. The drama will get a sequel of sorts with a big screen movie confirmed to go into production later this year for a 2020 release, and starring all three drama leads Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook, and Jung Eun Chae. My preference would be for a second season and even more suitable with be a 2-hour SP episode like J-doramas do. The drama was a slow burn and best watched in the small screen, with the movie budget I worry they will just throw scarier baddies around and more action when I love the emotional in-and-outs of the three leads and their respective sadder than sad back stories.