OCN’s ‘Kill It’ releases dark character posters for Nana, Jang Ki-yong


OCN’s upcoming thriller Kill It released character posters for Nana and Jang Ki-yong.

In the posters below, Nana is shown aiming her gun at someone, with the poise and fearlessness of a seasoned detective. She has neat, pulled-back hair and is dressed sharply in black shirts. The phrase, “What raised her to become who she is, is the present,” is displayed over the posters, leading to questions about her character.

Nana’s character in the drama, Do Hyun-jin, is a brilliant detective who was adopted by a well-off family when she was a kid and has lived with the aim of repaying her adoptive parents’ kindness. She only strays from this goal when she decides to go to the police academy to become a detective. She comes across as distant and cold-hearted but is actually sympathetic to the people’s plight.

Meanwhile, Jang Ki-yong’s teaser poster below shows him holding a gun, as if he has shot someone, or is about to. He is wearing a black overcoat and looks at the camera with a cold and calculating look. The tagline displayed over his posters contrasts with Nana’s, with the words “What raised him to become who he is, is the past” arousing curiosity about his story.

Kill It Character Posters for Jang Ki-yong

In the drama, Jang Ki-yong will be playing Kim Soo-hyun, an assassin who has become a veterinarian. As a child, he was abandoned by his parents and lost his memory, following which he was taken in by a killer who raised him to become one too. His character is shrouded in mystery because he kills his targets and instantly disappears.

Nana and Jang Ki-yong’s pairing and the seemingly twisted relationship their characters will share in the drama is sure to pique the interest of the viewers. Nana starred in the 2016 courtroom drama The Good Wife as a law firm’s investigator with a shady past. Meanwhile, Jang Ki-yong has been garnering popularity because of back-to-back noteworthy performances in 2018’s My Mister and Come and Hug Me, playing a serial killer’s police officer son in the latter.

Kill It is set to premiere on March 16, following Lee Seo-jin and Sung Dong-il starrer Trap in the Saturday-Sunday 10 p.m. time slot.

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