‘Parasite’ Will Be Coming To HBO With Tilda Swinton



Oscar winning film ‘Parasite’ is currently one of the biggest films in the world and we really can’t give enough credit and praise to director Bong JoonHo for his contribution and inspiration to not just the South Korean film industry, but to the rest of the world as well.

The film will soon be coming to HBO as a series, and UK actress Tilda Swinton has just been announced as one of the leads in the cast.

Bong JoonHo and Tilda Swinton also have worked together in the past before on ‘Snowpiercer’ and ‘Okja’.

‘Parasite’ Will Be Coming To HBO With Tilda Swinton


According to reports, Tilda Swinton will be playing the role of ChungSook while there are talks of Mark Ruffalo being casted to play the role of KiTaek.

The series is also reportedly being produced by both HBO and CJ Entertainment, with director Adam McKay on board as well.

Stay tuned for updates!