Parents determined to protect son in new posters from ‘Beautiful World’


On March 7, JTBC’s Beautiful World unveiled the character posters of the actors who are taking on the role of parents in the drama.

Park Hee-soon and Choo Ja-hyun‘s posters are in hues of soft gray, brown, and beige. Park, a science teacher and the father of middle schooler Park Sun-ho (Nam) who falls victim to school violence, is shown in a classroom, leaning against a desk and looking at the camera with a pained expression on his face. The text running vertically across the poster says, “This time, I surely won’t lose. Dad will win.”

Choo, on the other hand, looks out of a window with a longing expression on her face. She plays Park Sun-ho’s mother. The text over her poster says, “If the truth is in hell, Mom will go to hell with it,” making crystal clear her determination to get justice for her son.

Beautiful World Poster 3 featuring Choo Ja-hyun

There are also posters for Oh Man-seok and Cho Yeo-jeong, who are playing the parents of a troublemaker in school who is connected to Sun-ho’s school violence case. They are wealthy and influential people who constantly cover up their son’s misbehavior.

Beautiful World Poster 4 featuring Oh Man-seok

Oh Man-seok is shown ascending a staircase with a haughty look in his eyes, with a text over his poster saying, “Do you really think the world is just?” Meanwhile, Cho Yeo-jeong says through the text on her poster, “I’m a mother. Because I am a mother, there’s nothing I can’t do.” She is just as determined and strong as Choo Ja-hyun’s character when it comes to protecting her son.

Beautiful World Poster 5 featuring Cho Yeo-jeong

Beautiful World, which will premiere on April 5seems reminiscent of JTBC’s SKY Castle which ended last month and became the highest rated cable drama in Korean history. The issues of corruption within the school system, mothers going to any lengths to protect their kids, and the rich and influential class wielding influence to oppress those below them all sound very akin to the issues raised by SKY Castle.

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