Paris Hilton Apologizes For Press Conference Disaster & We Still Can’t Figure Out Why Korea Needs Her Products

paris hilton

Just recently, Paris Hilton annoyed South Korean reporters after arriving late to a press conference on May 31st, causing the reporters to boycott the event and leave in frustration.

The socialite’s management released an official apology citing poor judgement and time management as the main reason for her being late to the press event. Her management had apparently miscalculated the severity of traffic and also the estimated time of her arrival under such circumstances.

According to various reports, she arrived at 7 PM, thirty minutes later than the time she was supposed to arrive.

What aggravated the reporters more was a statement made by one representative, claiming it was Paris Hilton’s “style” to not let others know in advance when she would be arriving.

Well, we get there’s sometimes a reason to be “fashionably late”,  but given that the socialite was attending the press conference to promote her skincare products, it might have been a little more prudent of her to have been on time.

South Korea after all is a country known for having some of the best skincare and cosmetic products in the world, which explains why pretty much all the K-Pop idols and even ordinary people usually have flawless and “un-aged” skin. If the socialite was seriously thinking about competing against the nation’s cosmetic and beauty giants, it’s safe to say that annoying journalists wasn’t the best start.