Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo Bring the Smiles and Excitement to Press Conference for tvN Drama Encounter


It’s pretty cute to see the leads of tvN drama Encounter (Boyfriend) dressed in coordinating style classy outfits for the press conference. Park Bo Gum donned a autumnal beige double-breasted suit and Song Hye Kyo complemented with a white suit dress with beige heels. He’s cut the long shaggy locks from earlier this summer which was also his look during the location shoot portion in Cuba and she’s sporting a slightly longer bob that’s grown out a bit. I think they look great together, definitely she’s older but with her visuals it’s totally believable that a earnest puppy younger man can fall for her. The drama premieres next Wed-Thurs with the conclusion this week of dark melodrama Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky.